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A Promise of Divine Mercy Fulfilled — This is a story of Jesus, the Divine Mercy, saving a dying homosexual man who lived a life of so much emotional and physical pain. Read more

Part 3: Nope, It's Not 'Faith Healing'! — The following is the third in a five-part weekly series, "Healing in the Name of Jesus," by Dr. Robert Stackpole, STD. Read more

Love in the Time of Ebola — In the face of ebola, what can we do? Jesus points the way. Read more

Downtrodden, He Took a Gamble — What happens when the wine runs dry, the women run away, the song grows hoarse, and your very own boots take a walk? Read more

'Love Your Enemies' — It's one of the hardest and most shocking teachings Christ ever gave us, and yet it's at the heart of the Christian life. Read more

Daily Meditation

A Pleasing Sacrifice to God

During Holy Mass I prayed fervently that Jesus might...

Pray the Chaplet

Pray along in text, audio, or video
(as seen on EWTN).
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Random Deeds of Mercy

My Boss is a Lovely Lady

The other day as we were leaving work, we discovered snow and ice covering our...
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Memorials & Tributes

Honor, Remember, Celebrate
We'll help you find the most meaningful memorial or tribute to suit your occasion.
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New LIVE DRAMA touring the U.S.A.  View trailer Apostolates John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy Mother of Mercy Messengers (MOMM) Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy Healthcare Professionals for Divine Mercy
Theology. Really. Easy.  eBook - Read more
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